Welcome to the The Neighborhood WikiaEdit

Hello there, fans.

The Neighborhood is a planned city with buildings from real-life cities as well as new construction made by our creative builders.

We are currently in the process of making this city into what we've imagined it would be. But, you are welcome to track our progress here and see how we're doing.

When it is complete, The Neighborhood will be open to all users on a server. Then, you will be able to fully explore the many beautiful places and landmarks this world has to offer.

What is it?Edit

The Neighborhood will be a sprawling city with many districts and neighborhoods that have a combination of real-life buildings and places as well as new creations by our builders. Some of the amenities included in our world include a sprawling skyline, a spacious lake, and many houses and apartments for our users to live in.

When it is ready, The Neighborhood map will be uploaded to a public server for all users to play. We will then introduce a role-play system where you can become a vital role of an online society.

Until then, this wiki will include information about many of our buildings and places as well as constantly-updating photo albums of our progress. We currently do not have a tentative date on when the city will be complete, but we are working around the clock to ensure that it is done soon for you to enjoy.

Latest activityEdit

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