Currently, the map is under construction. This page is to highlight new construction as well as overall map progress.

July 17, 2015: This is the first progress log. Currently, the lake is finishing construction. The White Rock Bridge is complete and open. There is no new construction downtown. The next phase of construction will be part of the White Rock resort, with outfitting of the hotel as well as construction of the beach and outside amenities of the resort. Soon after, construction of the marina on the lake will commence. Existing houses and skyscrapers will not be logged.

July 20, 2015: Currently, the lake is getting added depth with a layer of dirt being removed to make the water level 2 blocks high. The park running alongside the city side of the lake has been built. The marina is under construction. The beach, as a part of the new White Rock Resort, was built and the rest of the resort amenities will be finished soon. There is no new construction downtown. The existing air traffic control tower at the airport was removed and replaced with a shorter tower on the far side of the airport.

July 21, 2015: The lake has completed its extra depth project. The marina construction will be held off until the completion of the White Rock Resort. The resort has added a pool, and new restaurants will be built soon. Hotel outfitting will also begin soon. A new house, based off the real-life 1019 Waterford Drive in Dallas, TX has been built alongside the lake.

July 26, 2015: *This is in response to an emergency situation* In order to make proper room for the underground subway systems and tunnels, all roads will be repaved black wool and yellow wool, replacing the gravel.


After careful consideration, it has been decided that all existing houses will be relocated west on the other side of the lake. The relocated houses will form their own neighborhood. The restaurant and some of the shops, such as the library, will also be moved. The lots on which the houses sit now will be emptied to make room for new skyscrapers to help shape the skyline. By doing this, the houses are separated more from downtown to make a more realistic city layout. City hall and the town jail will remain.

In the near future, the airport and all of its facilities will be relocated south so that it is not stuck in the middle of downtown. This also takes a more realistic approach by making the airport more isolated and less crowded by tall buildings.

Subway systems are being updated to reflect these new changes. The red line will be running out towards the new west neighborhood. The green line will be running towards the future airport location.

During this time of relocating buildings and laying out new neighborhoods, new skyscraper construction is on hold.

Skyscraper total as of July 28, 2015: 5

2015-07-30 17.34.53

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