White Rock Lake is the lake located near Downtown. It gets its namesake from the real-life White Rock Lake in Dallas, TX, though does not share any physical similarities.

Travel Edit

White Rock Lake will be accessible by subway when the subway system is constructed. It will have its own station, "Lake Park". With its proximity to downtown, it is within a considerably short walk from most areas of the city. Cars can be parked by using the parking lot located across from downtown, which is accessible by the White Rock Bridge.

Features Edit

White Rock Lake has its own resort, named the White Rock resort. This resort has private access to the beach. Public access is available near the resort building. Across the lake on the other side of the bridge, there is a marina for boat parking. Boat rentals are also available at the marina.

Running alongside the lake is the Lake Park, which offers landscaping and good views of the lake and bridge.

White Rock Bridge Edit

The White Rock Bridge is a bridge that connects Downtown, City Hall, Airport and Old Town districts to the neighborhoods located on the other side of the lake. The Bridge is car accessible but not pedestrian accessible. There is a subway that connects the two sides of the lake.

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